In this fast paced world we do not have time to think about it. God sent His Son to this world to make us realize the importance of heavenly peace. But, people are still living in the darkness of this world. As believers of Christ we know that heavenly peace comes only through our Lord Jesus Christ. Only the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses our sins which is the starting point of Heavenly Peace.

.Heavenly peace comes to those who strongly place their belief in Jesus Christ. Shalom Christian Prayer Fellowship believes to establish this heavenly peace in the community through prayer and worship in Holy Spirit. We work as humble servants in carrying out the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ in establishing the Kingdom of God. Through grace of God we aim to proclaim the Good News to those who seek to become the children of God.


Here is a golden opportunity for world evangelization… A fellowship that renders new meaning and vision to your spiritual life… A fellowship that provides you complete prayer support and co-operation… Finally, you become part of the Shalom Family and enjoy all the spiritual rewards of Shalom. We engage in Discipleship, Church Planting, Church Building, Supporting orphans, widows.

We strongly believe that “faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead” James 2:17