Worship Services

“Where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there among them” Mathew 18:20

We embrace this promise and meet in the presence of God to be united in the body of Christ. There is more that units than divides us- The greatest uniting factor in spite of color, race ethnicity, culture is the presence of the Risen Christ who promised his disciples He would be with them till the end of times.

The Gospel tells us of the diverse ways that Jesus, our risen Lord is present in our midst: when his word is proclaimed and lived, and when the Eucharistic bread and wine are presented in remembrance of Him in the presence of the least in our midst, the hungry, the prisoners, the aliens, repeatedly it is found in our Bible to be compassionate to the aliens and the needy in the neighborhood and community.

Being as receptive and reverence as possible to the presence of Jesus in our midst require that Christians learn to be united in the body of Christ. This means sharing and learning from each other’s spiritual traditions, customs, languages and insights while working concretely together in the service of building up the kingdom of God on earth. It means promoting a culture of interdependence as together we learn how to see the positive in the particularities of ecclesial belonging, ethnic community and diversity. It entails sharing the ordinary aspects of our lives with each other, so that we can increasingly recognize each other as sisters and brothers in Christ, welcoming in each other the very presence of Christ.

We welcome and enjoy Praise and worship in multilingualism- English, Spanish, Indian- Telugu, Hindi etc. The Message / Sermon is always in English. We meet every Sunday Evening at 5:00 PM for worship followed by fellowship. We have once a month All Night Intercessory Prayer, We Have once a year Revival Meeting and once a Year 48 Hour Prayer.

Worship Details

Sunday Evening Service Followed by Fellowship:

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

49 Sisco Place,

Clifton, NJ-07011

Phone: 973-897-6328

Teleconference Friday Night Intercessory Prayers:

Every 3rd Friday 9:30 PM – 12:30 AM

Teleconference Dial in Number : 641-715-3580

Access Code : 938274#

Cottage Prayer Meetings:

As Requested By Congregation